Business Ethics



The Company continuously strives to consistently bring Good Corporate Governance (GCG) into practice, in order to create sustainable growth in this ever-changing business environment.

The Company consistently practices GCG principles, i.e. transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence, and fairness with the following provisions:

Transparency, where the Company conducts an open and inclusive process in decision making, and provide full disclosure of relevant information about the Company. The Company genuinely complies and supplies stakeholders with the right information in an accurate and timely manner.

Accountability, where the Company upholds clarity of functions, implementations and accountability in order to maintain effective management of the Company. All duties and responsibilities are segregated clearly and systematically.

Responsibility, where every business management process is compliant with the prevailing laws and sound corporate principles.

Independence, where every business management process is executed and monitored professionally without conflicts of interest or any external influences that may not be compliant with the prevailing laws and sound corporate principles.

Fairness, where the Company implements fairness and equality to all shareholders with regards to their respectful rights in the Company, abiding to sound corporate principles.

To ensure smooth and effective implementation of GCG principles that comply with the prevailing laws, the Company is equipped with an Independent Commissioner, a Corporate Secretary, an Internal Audit Unit, as well as an Audit Committee. The Internal Audit Unit is specially assigned to oversee the policy implementation process by the management, and the Nomination and Remuneration Committee is formed specifically to observe and advise on the structure of the Company’s Board of Commissioners and Directors, as well as recommend a competitive remuneration system.