Vision, Mission, and Core Values


To be a world-class restaurant company.


To provide consumers with products and services of the best value.


Champ Group’s ambition is driven by the Company’s vision to keep growing and evolving into a world-class restaurant. In order to achieve its vision, Champ Group’s mission is to keep innovating with menu variations and price points, while continuously expanding into other geographical areas to provide products and services of the highest standards and value to its customers.

There are 3 core values that establish the Company’s solid team productivity and ultimately growth rate. These 3 core values are:

  • Integrity 
    • Honesty in words, behaviors, and actions
    • Be passionate for and protective of the Company, family and nation
    • Have a positive view towards the Company, management, and fellow employees
    • Readiness to accept awards for achievements, and punishments for misconducts
  • Work hard
    • Possess a firm belief that success can only be achieved through hard work
    • Possess a strong mind and the right skill sets needed to keep learning and improving
  • Strive for excellence
    • Constantly look for new, innovative ways to improve efficiency at work
    • Always strive to deliver the best work quality, individually and as a team
    • Possess strong mental capability and endurance to adapt in various situations